Coalition Partners

To achieve its mission to promote and protect public health in Maine, MPHA partners with organizations statewide on a range of public health issues. Below is a list of the coalitions on which we participate:

Maine Immunization Coalition
Maine Council on Aging
Environmental Priorities Coalition
Mainers for Healthcare
Maine Lung Cancer Coalition
Maine Medical Association – Public Health Committee
Maine Obesity Advisory Council
Maine Oral Health Coalition
Flavors Hook Kids Maine

Full Plates Full Potential Policy & Advocacy Coalition
Maine Affordable Housing Coalition
Maine Alliance for SmartGrowth
Wabanaki Alliance
Maine Alliance for Health & Prosperity
Maine Paid Leave Coalition

MPHA is also proud to serve on several statewide task forces and working groups, including:

Maine Climate Council’s Community Resilience Planning, Public Health and Emergency Management Working Group (co-chair)
Maine Climate Council’s Equity Subcommittee
PFAS Fund Advisory Committee (co-chair of its Health and Medical Monitoring Subcommittee)
Maine Alcohol Prevention Stakeholders Workgroup
Maine CDC Marijuana Workgroup
Maine Substance Use Prevention Strategic Plan Advisory Group