Policy Priorities

MPHA’s public health priorities are chosen to have maximum impact on improving public health, to strengthen the organized constituency for public health, and to complement the work of organizational partners. MPHA only advocates on evidence-based policy and prioritizes legislation based on this evidence/data, organizational and partner capacity and expertise, funding availability and political climate/feasibility. The MPHA Board Policy Committee is responsible for developing MPHA’s annual policy agenda, which is then voted on by the full Board.

With a statewide membership and the strength of our partners, we use a combination of advocacy, public education, community organizing, policy development, and coalition leadership to address public health issues facing Maine. MPHA aims to improve the policies, systems, and environments that underlie health inequities – but which also have potential to improve health outcomes for all people in Maine.

MPHA’s policy priorities for the 130th Legislature are to:

Invest in Chronic Disease Prevention

  • Chronic Disease Prevention – Tobacco
    • Ending the sale of flavored tobacco products (LD 1550 & LD 1693)
      • Flavors Fact Sheets can be found here.
    • Increasing Cigarette Tax by $2.00 (LD 1423 & LD 1693)
      • Tax Fact Sheets can be found here.
    • Program Funding (Establishing the Trust for a Healthy Maine: LD 1523 & LD 1693)
      • Trust Fact Sheet can be found here.
  • Chronic Disease Prevention – Obesity
    • Updating School Nutrition & Physical Activity Definitions & Standards (LD 1693)
    • Supporting the creation of statewide obesity advisory council (LD 1693)
    • Funding for an obesity coordinator – and associated program funding – at Maine CDC (LD 1693)
      • Trust/LD 1693 Fact Sheet can be found here
    • Reducing Food Insecurity

Promote Health Equity

  • Supporting Tribal Sovereignty (LD 1626)
  • Establishing the Trust for a Healthy Maine (LD 1523 & LD 1693)
    • Trust Fact Sheet can be found here.
  • Establishing the Office of Population Health Equity within Maine CDC (LD 1693)
  • Preventing Chronic Disease

Address Climate Change

    If you are interested in reading any of the testimony MPHA has submitted, you can access it by searching for the specific bill on the State of Maine Legislature’s website. Weekly advocacy updates are sent to MPHA members. If you aren’t yet a member, join today!