Cumberland District Youth Coordinator

Apr 27, 2021

The Opportunity Alliance is seeking a District Youth Coordinator for Cumberland County. The Public Health Program’s (PHP) Cumberland District Youth Coordinator supports youth engagement programs and initiatives that build young people’s resilience and strengthen youth leadership on issues of public health, social justice, and restorative practices as part of the Statewide Maine Youth Action Network (MYAN). This position is responsible for forming and leading a public health youth policy board; supporting school and community-based youth leadership groups within the District; and co-facilitating District-level youth group and youth-adult partnership trainings as needed with Statewide MYAN Staff, youth and adults. The coordinator also supports adults, organizations, and systems across Cumberland County to use positive youth development and social-emotional learning principles in their work with youth. These efforts strive to lower rates of youth substance use and increase young people’s resilience.

The Public Health Programs (PHP) engages communities to improve health and wellness for all. We know health is impacted by many things, including the neighborhood in which we live, our culture, our ability to access basic resources, and our own personal experiences. PHP strives to make community a place where health is achieved and supported.
The District Youth Coordinator will focus on engagement of youth to support the vision and goals of PHP by:
-Building youth resilience skills,
-Convening stakeholders of all sectors,
-Providing technical assistance and nurturing community leadership to create sustainable policies, systems, and environmental changes that improve health and wellness for all.

This is a full-time, 40 hours/week position that may require some evening and weekend hours. This position requires a mix of working remotely from home as well as out in the community.

For more information on qualifications and to apply visit: