Finance Manager (Healthy Communities of the Capital Area – HCCA)

Jan 13, 2023

Healthy Communities of the Capital Area (HCCA) is a public health non-profit organization located in Gardiner, ME. HCCA serves Kennebec County, the Central Public Health District, and other statewide and regional efforts related to public health primary prevention, with particular focus on tobacco use prevention and control, substance misuse prevention, healthy eating and active living. HCCA is home to Gardiner Area Thrives Drug Free Communities Coalition, Maine Farm & Sea to School Network, and Maine Farm to Institution.

HCCA partners with MCD Global Health, Inc. (MCD) to provide recruitment and human resources services, and serve as HCCA’s employer of record. This hybrid remote position is based at HCCA’s offices at 11 Mechanic Street, Suite 101, Gardiner, ME.

This position qualifies for Public Service Loan Forgiveness.

HCCA’s mission is to convene and support people, organizations, and communities to collaborate on quality of life and public health issues.

Duties Description:

The HCCA Finance Manager is responsible for the day-to-day management of organizational financial transactions through the Management Services Agreement (MSA) between HCCA and MCD as well as the projects and budgets that are not included in the MSA.

The Finance Manager reports directly to the Executive Director and works with the entire HCCA team and the Board of Directors Executive Committee. The Finance Manager manages and records all organizational financial transactions, adheres to multiple budgets, records and transfers revenue as appropriate, assuring that expenses are accurately and promptly recorded and paid. The Finance Manager assists with related financial reporting via various platforms and budget development as appropriate.

The Finance Manager must have technical proficiency with varied reporting programs required by funders and through the Management Services Agreement, including but not limited to Payment Management System, Grant Solutions, Federal Financial Reporting (FFRs) including Food Programs Reporting System (FPRS), Financial Edge, Quickbooks, and PaymodeX.

Duties Accountability: The Finance Manager is directly responsible to the HCCA Executive Director on all administrative and financial matters.

Qualifications & Experience: Bachelor’s degree in accounting, finance, or related field and a minimum of 3-5 years’ experience in accounting and finance is a must. Experience working in a non-profit setting and grant reporting is a plus.

List of Job Duties

The Finance Manager will:

Be familiar with all budgets and contracts held by HCCA in order to effectively implement financial procedures.
Document all funding, due dates, and reporting schedules.
Manage organizational revenue to maintain accurate and adequate records for all reporting, and in accordance with HCCA financial policies, and in accordance with state, federal, and other funder reporting requirements. At a minimum:
Maintain records of all invoices submitted to funders
Maintain electronic and hard copy files for as long as required, of all revenue received that include the sources of revenue
Prepare bank deposits and record electronic deposits for both the MCD and HCCA accounts
Review and reconcile the Year to Date monthly reports from MDC to assure accuracy.
Manage organizational accounts payable to maintain accurate and adequate records for all reporting, and in accordance with HCCA’s financial policies, and in accordance with state, federal, and other funder reporting requirements. At a minimum:
Receive and review all payment requests submitted by HCCA staff members and issue check requests as appropriate.
Staff will review their budgets to assure the expense is allowable. The Finance Manager may assist staff in assessing allowable expenses.
Assure timely and accurate requests and processing of payments due, including monthly, quarterly, and other recurring payments that are previously approved.
Review and reconcile Year to Date monthly reports to assure expenses were accurately recorded.
Prepare invoices as required by funders (monthly or quarterly).
Assist with budget development for grant applications.
Prepare financial reports HCCA Board of Directors and for other advisory bodies that may from time to time require financial reports, such as the Drug Free Communities Coalition.
Provide inventory support for general office supplies, computers and accessories, and items recommended for ergonomic needs.
Ensure maintenance of inventory spreadsheet for all computers and related equipment on an ongoing basis as equipment is added or removed from service, but at least annually.
Support tax preparation, annual review and/or audit including MAAP (Maine Uniform Accounting and Auditing Practices for Community Agencies), and other required financial reports by accessing, maintaining, and providing required information in collaboration with MCD and the Executive Director.
Provide financial reports, including but not limited to the Balance Sheet, Year to Date Project reports, and Year to Date Operating Budget to the Board of Directors.
Provide financial data for the organizational Annual Report.
Be a member of the HCCA Finance Committee and work with the Board of Directors on developing the Annual Operating Budget.
Perform other financial record keeping or support tasks as assigned.
Position will be open until filled.

Medical Care Development, Inc. is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

MCD strongly encourages COVID-19 vaccinations for employees, contractors, and other representatives.

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