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The Maine Public Health Training Center (MPHTC) is a growing resource of educational training opportunities to help public health workers and others broaden their knowledge of critical issues affecting the health of Maine people. 

The ultimate goal of MPHTC is a healthier Maine. We hope to achieve this by improving the capacity, knowledge and performance of Maine’s current and future public health workers. MPHTC was jointly developed by the Maine CDC, The New England Public Health Training Center at the University of New England, Maine Public Health Association, Muskie School of Public Service at the University of Southern Maine, and the Hanley Center for Health Leadership, with contributions from many other organizations statewide and across New England. 

Maine Public Health Training Center Opportunities

  • Take a FREE online public health training through the New England Public Health Training Center.

Modules include presentations, quiz questions, and an evaluation form. You will receive a module completion certificate once all aspects of the module are completed. These trainings could be included in academic courses, offered as part of workforce development, and/or completed on your own. Access the list of trainings at: 

  • MPHTC offers Program Certificates when you complete a series of New England Public Health Training Center modules. See the list of MPHTC Program Certificates below. Once you have completed all the required modules, email your module completion certificates to Jennifer Gunderman at

Certificate in Public Health Management

Must complete the following modules: 1. Introduction to Systems Thinking, 2. Managing Effectively: Managing Budgets and Fiscal Resources Part One 3. Coaching Skills, Two of the following: Marketing Public Health, Onboarding New Employees, Grant Writing Basics

More Certificates Coming……..

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Have an idea or need for a public health training? Contact us to discuss! Any questions, concerns, or feedback, please contact Jen Gunderman at

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